Dr. Joseph Suglia

Dr. Joseph Suglia

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  1. I listened to your interview and found it really interesting. Especially the idea that you found writing subject based books unsatisfying. I personally love writing subject based novels but the idea of doing something idea based is very thought-provoking.

  2. Dr. Suglia, I’d love to have you on Southern Belle Humanism. I host authors, artists, philosophers, activists, humanitarians, and public figures. Keep up the beautiful work! ~ Amber Geislinger

  3. I have no great literary or artistic ambitions. Besides, English is only my third language out of seven. I come from Catalonia and live near Barcelona city.

    Now I am visiting San Francisco until Aug 29.

    I have watched 8 min of your video to know who you are. I have also read the first two chapters, or shall I rather say tables, of Table 41. Like it. Very good descriptions. As a reader you feel immediately involved with all your senses. Emotional prose-poetry.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. The attention You give to Nietzsches play with ideas and words, values and language I have not heard very often – if ever. I will definitely give You a post on my site – if that is alright with You?
    I am busy writing and checking out Aristoteles text “Organon” (the formal logic) way through swedish history. As J. L. RamĂ­rez says – its impact on western society explains a lot.
    The Best from Marica

  5. Well, Joe, ( excuse my informality, but it seems justified and hopefully this comment with express why I choose that direction.) I spent the time listening to your interview, and I like what you have to say. You also have a voice which is very pleasant to listen to. I decided, after listening to the interview, that I would use Table 41 as aloud reading material for my grandma. (She will be 90 next month.) Sometimes it is hard to find things to read to her, that are mutually exploratory. You won her presence by talking about the beach, the ocean. You won me through your ability to articulate words in descriptions. I believe you write in a voice that is similar to mine, and therefore easy for me to read with intuitive expression, using the language like a song. Speeding and slowing, building and breaking, with the language, within the description. So… Thank you. I look forward to seeing what Table 41 has to offer. We are on Table 2, and we shall commence tomorrow as long as she doesn’t get persnickety. Cheers to you, and I hope to hear more about your process!