Coronavirus Poem and Cruise Ship Poem


I am not a lyrical poet, but for some reason, these two lyrical poems surfaced in my mind recently.  If you like them, you will love my novel TABLE 41, the novel which predicted the novel Coronavirus.–Joseph Suglia


by Joseph Suglia

Quiet city
The zoogenic and zoonotic pestilence is
Encoiling and ensnaring the quiet city
Encoiling and ensnaring,
The plan-disruptive plague.

Quiet city
There are pigs in the alley.
These pigs do not squeal; they screech
There is a screeching outside in the quiet city.



by Joseph Suglia

A scintilla of space
in a sea of time

A worldship
not fixed to any place

A migratory, nomadic space
with an affinity to the flows of water.