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  1. Enjoyed the Table 41 interview, especially the notion of ‘person and voice’ … poetry is case-sensitive, but often it’s a case of deliberately obscuring the possessive relationship of object and subject; poetry plays with ambiguity.

  2. I often listen to interviews while working. I was pleasantly surprised by your connections to good old Clark Street and the visions of garment racks sailing down the roadway. I am from Peoria my self so Chicago is close to my heart. I particularly became engrossed in your ideas of extraction of the human element from the state of “Being”. I experience this state a great deal in my own writing of utterance influenced by a deeper identity binding from experiential happenings in my youth. We are indeed a stipulated skip on the vinyl. Our own making, of course. I will be interested to read your Table 41. Peace and Bright Blessings, Carla Dawn

  3. Welcome to the readers of “Seeing the whole me.” I am very happy that you found us, and that I, in turn found your blog. You write and speak in a captivating language — I am excited to find a blog, while not like mine, written by an accomplished blogger and author, nevertheless. Please feel free to comment, argue, or question what I write — and please check my Friends and Fellow Bloggers page. No one has commented yet, but I hope you will give it a go. Again, welcome to my reader family.

  4. Thank you so much for the like! My heart is somersaulting! It means so much! I am blessed! I cannot believe! I feel truly honored!… I just went mad with happiness

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