5 thoughts on “I would like all of you to watch this video — this is MY BEST INTERVIEW. WATCH THIS VIDEO!

  1. The ‘photoshop of the imagination’…I really like that. I must steal it at some point [!]. V. interesting interview. Curiously, this all reminds me of Asimov.

  2. I finally had some time to sit and listen to this interview and it was insightful. With me being a word guy, I really dug the poem you read in midstream. The river of milk with the lactose feeding the bay o tree. I can also see it coming in from the other side of the equation, and i get it.

    I’d have to listen to this several times, because my head gaskets run hot and like the fast life – meaning I’m ADHD, and sometimes my focus will jump around. My life runs a little sideways, meaning my focus is wired differently, of which gives one a pretty good assumption how I can work the metaphor, whether it be abstract or in light metaphor. I don’t have that live in the tunnel kind of focus.

    What you are doing as to offering your book free is wonderful, and I also believe one has to be in a position to do that financially. As to writing, I certainly agree one writes for himself, but yet at the same time, if one is stuck in a dead end living to week to week on a paycheck that doesn’t provide any satisfaction whatsoever in a complacent environment. It is better to use those writing skills to become marketable, even if it is done behind the scenes like that of ghostwriting and that of copywriting. For me dreams matter and I keep plugging away at it.

    All the best to you …Don

  3. You’re very good at “Call to action” and I did tune in to watch your “best interview”. It isn’t a video however. It’s audio. Aside from that, it does sound interesting. I’m writing a book too so will definitely come back to listen to this in its entirety when I have more time.

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