Aphorisms on Racism, Cultural Studies, and Kim Jong-un


by Joseph Suglia

Race is nothing more than an abstraction; only individuals actually exist.

Cultural Studies explains philosophy through the speculum of trash culture.  This is very appealing to people who are bored by philosophy and who are attracted to trash culture.

Kim Jong-un might be able to read minds.  But can he read books?

Joseph Suglia

13 thoughts on “Aphorisms on Racism, Cultural Studies, and Kim Jong-un

  1. I await a copy from you of _Watch Out_. I appreciate that it is free. Is there anything I can do for _you?_ If you send me your email address, there is no end to the music attachments I can send. I hope you like music, just as you love literature and philosophy. We are kindred spirits here in our impoverished USA. Have a good day, and I’ll try to do the same. Your Robert

  2. Given his and his father’s constant search for ‘autobiographers’ [ghosters], and some of the incredibly ignorant things he’s said, his literacy is definitely in question. But then in the country’s belief scheme and pantheon he’s the head god–little difference between his empire and other monarchist empires.
    [opinion, natch]

  3. Mr. Suglia,

    After seeing your writings, particularly Table 41– which I must now read in its entirety after perusing the first chapter– I was mightily impressed.

    I imagine that our dictatorial Tigre Del Norte is certainly capable of reading books, but I doubt he is terribly interested in anything beyond the basest kitsch. I’m reminded of Hitler’s proclivity for a certain children’s author whom Hitler claimed showed some sort of inborn genius for battle-strategy in foreign territories.

    In addition, I should doubt if Kim’s tastes in art exceed that of Adolf’s by very much.

    As for me, I don’t fancy myself a particularly good artist, but I do hope that what you saw entertained you somewhat.
    I have run out of niceties.

    Good Evening!

  4. KJU is an annoying creature much like a horsefly. Our world needs real help and this childish imp only makes our world a more annoying place. Thanks for sharing and I like your blog. Best wishes to you.

  5. Like any other human rights abuser KJU is using race as an excuse for power. Trash culture and not reading books makes us human beings blind to social injustice. Instead, philosophy makes us pause, reflect and distinguish between fake news and the truth. No wonder we have just had terrorist attacks by white supremacists and ISIS. Coming from Barcelona and having recently spent two weeks in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco three terrorist attacks come to my mind: https://momentsbloc.wordpress.com/2017/08/26/time-and-human-cruelty/

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